Dulce Cassie's Chorus Line, RA, CGC, TDI
Cassie's mother is Dulce.  Cassie has earned RN & RA rally
obedience titles.  She passed the CGC & TDI tests.

In 2008, she was in print ads for clothing designer John
Varvatos with musician Perry Farrell.  In 2009, she was in a
music video with Lady Gaga for the song Chillin.  See
Danes page for more info on Cassie's "jobs".

Cassie had a litter of 1 on 1/28/06.  I kept Alex from the litter.

Health clearances include OFA cardiac, CERF, OFA thyroid, OFA
hips, OFA elbows & vonWillibrands.  CHIC# 23357.
Credit to Sue Wcislo for the top photo on
this page.